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Where some people find life to be stressful, some find it to be a means of excitement. Foodies are people who want to enjoy life at its best with every second. They are consistently searching for places where they can find the most lip-smacking dishes.

Eating such dishes and working their taste buds is a hobby for these people. If you are a foodie you would be tired of searching best restaurant halal near me, fortunately, you don’t need to search anymore!

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Today, we present to you a special list of halal dishes. These are dishes for which every foodie could die for!
Take a look below:

Chicken Biryani

Topping the list amongst most mouth-watering halal Pakistani food, is The Chicken Biryani. This dish is not popular just in one country, but in the whole South East region of Asia.

Chicken Biryani Halal Pakistani food Restaurant halal near me Silver spoon karahi point Halal Dishes desi food erin mills, milton, britannia

There are many versions of the chicken biryani, as it is popular in so many regions, and the people of these region prepare it according to their traditions, and their cuisines. However, preparing the Chicken biryani according to the Pakistani cuisine, requires many unique and aromatic spices. The Indian and the Pakistani ways are almost similar. The chicken biryani has been one of the most popular chicken dishes for the South Asian population.

At Silver spoon, we create the best version of this iconic chicken and rice dish. With us you can experience the chicken biryani like never before. So now there is no need for you to search for Restaurant open near me. This is because when it comes to enjoying fully-flavored dishes, Silver spoon got your back.

Boneless Chicken Karahi

This incredible halal Pakistani food is one of the most luscious dish, your taste bud can experience. It is made with an exceptional amount of spices. These spices are not meant to make it peppery, but rather more, to make the dish enjoyable and undeniably addictive.

Boneless Chicken Karahi Halal Pakistani food Restaurant halal near me Silver spoon karahi point Halal Dishes desi food erin mills, milton, britannia

A karahi has been a generational favorite for the last 10 to 20 years, in Pakistan and India. This dish is traditionally cooked in a magical way. The meat blends with the spices in such a way that it forces the person to not stop eating. There are many ways to make a chicken karahi, but in the end, there is always a dish that blows everyone away.

At Silver spoon, you can get to enjoy the chicken karahi with all its glory and its distinguished fiery taste. We don’t make the chicken karahi differently, we make it better. At Silver spoon you can get to enjoy the chicken karahi in a boneless fashion, this way you don’t have to waste time to dig into the good stuff. At Silver spoon, understands what makes the chicken karahi a great dish. This is why, Silver spoon is the best karahi point!

Seekh Kebab

A globally loved, and a widely adopted majorly-meat dish, The Seekh kabab are everyone’s favorites. Why? The taste, the texture, the smoky flavor, and the unique aroma. They can be cooked with vegetable, but then they wouldn’t have the same characteristics. Therefore, they could not be considered the same dish, and neither a variant of it.

Seekh Kebab Halal Pakistani food Restaurant halal near me Silver spoon karahi point Halal Dishes desi food erin mills, milton, britannia

The Seekh kabab has different flavors on different continents, but none of them feature a Seekh kabab made only with vegetables. This incredibly aromatic and flavory dish is made of ground meat, and are cooked over fire, some are even baked in an oven in a pan, and are even cooked as a stew. But one way or the other, the dish manages to make everyone feel the texture at heart, and fall in love with it.

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If there is anything we all can agree on, it is that foodie’s love to eat. But at times, one can feel like as if there is nothing that can amaze you or blow you away. If you think so, in that case you should try out the best halal Pakistani food. Where can you get the best experience for your taste buds? One answer, Silver spoon.

At Silver spoon, we help you relive the original flavor of the traditional dishes. These dishes are sure to amaze you and give your taste buds a serious challenge.