Due to the recent expansion, we are hiring experienced Indian/ Pakistani cooks, kitchen helpers and counter staff for Toronto, Mississauga and Milton locations.

Forward your resume to .Previous experience is an asset however, if you are dedicated and have strong learning skills to work in a fast paced environment then it is the right place for you.

We are looking to fill the following positions asap:

Dishwasher – Full and Part-time – URGENT
Kitchen Helper – Full-time
COOK – Hakka Chinese, Curry and Tandoori
Manager – Front and Kitchen


    VEAL pullao or chicken pullao for minimum 40 people.
    One veal item per Silver and Gold Package.
    * Minimum 40 people.
    ** Minimum 30 people.

    Prices and availability:

    Prices subject to change without any notice. Prices for some items may vary between locations due to promotions. All prices listed are before tax. Item availability may differ between locations.


    Please advise staff of any allergies so they can guide you accordingly. Dairy products are used in most items but use of nuts is minimal.