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If there is anything that makes the Indian continent standout, it is the culture. Indian culture and Indian food are amongst the few things that everyone is crazy about. The reason for this is the fact that it carries its own flavor. Indian flavor is just a unique blend of; spices, and the most attractive features of the human world. This blend is something so unique and original that everyone wants to experience it. Not just that but, it also defines Indian history in a unique way and that’s something that is not present anywhere.

Indian culture is just one side of the same coin, the other side offers much more of a ravishing ambience. Almost everyone Indian food lover falls in love with the texture, and the way various flavors are made one. This addictive food style follows a pattern. Almost all of the Indian dishes have a gravy, and some believe that this gravy is the most addictive part of the dish.

Are There Any Good Restaurant Indian Near Me?

Are you sick of searching for “restaurant Indian near me?” well your search has reached conclusion. Indian restaurants are the one thing that everyone searches for, and why shouldn’t they? Indian restaurants offer Indian food at its best. These places are home to the most realistic Indian experience: something that will make you comeback many times.

At Silver spoon, you can experience the best and the most mouth-watering Indian dishes. Below there are 5 unbelievably mouthwatering Indian curries that you should definitely try out at Silver spoon.


Not considered an original Indian dish. Dhansak is has its origins from Persian, and has its roots in Gujarati cuisines. However, it was perfected and presented by the Parsi Zoroastrian community. Nowadays it is considered to be an Indian dish. This incredible Indian food is made by cooking goat meat with a specific assemblage vegetables. Those who have already enjoyed it, know how it blends sweet and sour.

You can enjoy this incredible creation in its original flavor and texture at Silver spoon.

Tikka Masala A mixture of chicken, yogurt and spices, could never taste better. The chicken tikka masala curry is amongst the big list of favorite Indian curry for people worldwide. Some English based Indian people came up with the idea for this incredible Indian food. A simple creation but it is one which definitely stands out in a comparison of other chicken dishes from other continents. It’s unique and addictive aroma, flavor, and texture, forces people from everywhere to not just love it, but to also make others love it as well. You can experience the chicken tikka curry in all its glory at Silver spoon.


Can you handle chilly Indian food? If you have not yet tasted a vindaloo, you might want to reconsider your tolerance for spicy foods, as some consider Vindaloo as the spiciest Indian food. It can be cooked with animal meat, sea food, or vegetables. But the most prominent ingredient in this taste-bud-challenging dish, are the various spices. These spices would either make one regret their decision of ordering it, or it would make them fall in love with this creation.

Vindaloo originates from two traditions bonded as one; Indian and Portuguese. This incredible dish originates from the era when Goa had Portuguese residents. When the Portuguese people brought their “vinha d’alhos”, it was adopted by the Indian population of Goa. The dish which was originally, cooked with pork meat, spices, and marinated with red wine, was now cooked with goat, beef, prawns, chicken or vegetable, and a whole lot of spices. After many years, Vindaloo has managed to become one of the most incredible and the spiciest Indian curries one can enjoy. You can enjoy this super spicy Indian food at Silver spoon.

Mutton Roghan Ghosht

People who love dishes made from red meat, know and love mutton Rogan Ghosht. The mutton Roghan Ghosht is part of the Kashmiri cuisine. If you know the Kashmiri cuisine well, you would know that it involves many Kashmiri chilies and flowers. This is the reason why almost all of the Kashmiri dishes have a distinct and an incredible aroma.
The Mutton Roghan Ghosht is also called mutton rojhan jhosh. It was brought to the subcontinent by the Mughal people. If you love goat meat, then this Indian food is made for you.

Indian food is the one thing that can easily make people go crazy. If you have fallen in love with Indian food as well, then you must be constantly searching the internet for “Food near me Indian”. At Silver spoon Indian food gets better. Not just that but it is the one place where you can enjoy the rarest recipes as well.