Catering Services

At Silver Spoon, we are passionate about food. We prefer to let our food, quality, and service speak for itself. Silver Spoon has been providing superior service for many years around the GTA. Our chefs are renowned for their expertise, and our quality of food is unparalleled. We offer a wide range of cuisines blending traditional Pakistani, Indian, West Indian, Hakka Chinese and Continental cuisines with new contemporary fusion dishes. Our professionally trained chefs can work with you to provide food of your choice with various varieties to choose from.
We have designed packages that are budget friendly, as well as delicious.

Silver Spoon offers catering for:

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or a private dinner, our catering services take the guesswork and stress out of any event. Our chefs and customer care staff will work with you to develop a menu to suit your taste and budget, with the highest quality food and exceptional service.

For orders exceeding 100 guests. Please Contact Us directly

Inquire Now @ 905 567-5677
Shariq @ 647 885 8560
Saqib @ 647 838 9471


VEAL pullao or chicken pullao for minimum 40 people.
One veal item per Silver and Gold Package.
* Minimum 40 people.
** Minimum 30 people.

Prices and availability:

Prices subject to change without any notice. Prices for some items may vary between locations due to promotions. All prices listed are before tax. Item availability may differ between locations.


Please advise staff of any allergies so they can guide you accordingly. Dairy products are used in most items but use of nuts is minimal.