Boxed Meals

After getting a huge demand during covid restriction, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of cuisines for our clients so they can have a one stop shop for their lunch/dinners in form of easy to serve boxed meals. The combo containers are ideal for corporate lunches and or wedding events.
The combo box can consist of 3 items and range in price depending on your selection of the items. Please contact us through email or call 905 567 5677 ext 5 to get a quote for your event.

Cuisines Available:

Minimun 50 person order is required

Prices and availability:

Prices subject to change without any notice. Prices for some items may vary between locations due to promotions. All prices listed are before tax. Item availability may differ between locations.


Please advise staff of any allergies so they can guide you accordingly. Dairy products are used in most items but use of nuts is minimal.