useful tips for moms to organize for ramadan

When it comes to worldly life, we all are very cautious in each and every segment of our lives and worry about the failure and success in petty tasks that may not affect our lives in hereafter. However, we do get a golden opportunity every year in this Holy month of Ramadan where we must try to improve not only our lives by as well as our children’s by shaping our thoughts and actions in line with the teachings of Islam.

Following are some useful tips for mothers that would certainly help them do so.

  • Gather all the reading material like books, Dua, and other booklets and CDs so that you and your family stay at ease in finding them and reading them
  • Invite friends and family over Iftar, which brings people closer and builds happiness
  • Plan for Taraweeh as to which venue you would be going and encourage your child to come along with you
  • Make small packets of dates for Iftar and also distribute them to other people including those in Masjid to earn virtues
  • Postpone irrelevant and unimportant work for the time after Eid
  • Hang up the Ramadan calendar in your home
  • Complete your shopping for Eid well before the Eid so that you get to pray more and easily in the last 10 days of Ramadan
  • Buy gifts for your family members on special occasion of Eid
  • Keep fasts after Eid that you had missed in Ramadan
  • Plan and manage your day and night time with respect to your Ibaadah (prayers)
  • Set goals for Ramadan as to what deeds you should do to earn as many virtues as possible
  • Avoid time-wasting deeds such as talking on phone, internet surfing, TV, etc.
  • Freeze your un-cooked Iftar stuff including samosas, rolls, and sauces that would save time and effort
  • Clean every single thing in your home before Ramadan so that you could save up your time and effort in Ramadan
  • Avoid lavish dining and iftar parties. Instead distribute and share your meals with needy people
  • Pay Zakaat (charity) to needy people which may include your close family members, neighbors or even friends
  • Try following Sunnah and adopt them in your life
  • Delegate daily chores to your children. They need to learn. Now.

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