The metropolitan city of Canada

If you are planning to visit Canada or currently reside there, you must check out the following top places to have a break from your hectic life and love each and every moment of your holiday.


The metropolitan city of Canada is better known for its historic sections, dynamic pubs, and recreation spots especially forests and grand parks. The suspension bridge is basically an emblem used to identify this beautiful city where visitors love going shopping and exploring museums.

Recent winter games 2010 held in Vancouver boosted up the urban development in the suburbs and made the metropolitan the center of attraction for travelers.



If you are looking forward to visit a place having impeccable natural beauty, fine dining places, awesome nightlife, and romantic places to hang out with your loved one, Banff is the place to be. Situated in Alberta province, Banff is blessed to have rocky, magnanimous mountains having crystal clear water lakes, and breathtaking scenery. Banff National Park is a must go place if you plan on visiting this city.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Known best for outdoor activities like skiing, heli-skiing, and snowboarding, Lake Louise is situated nearly 45 kilometers east of Banff. This mind-blowing place has all that you would imagine, ranging from ice-fishing, skating, dog sledging, ice climbing, and banana boat rides. It’s a true masterpiece of natural beauty.

Niagara Falls

Call it a vacation spot, honeymoon spot, or a dating place, Niagara has the beauty that you cannot ignore at any cost. Checking out the frothy water falling at a great speed is simply mesmerizing, where the vapors in the atmosphere make the weather much more pleasant and attractive. You would love to get a snap of yourself with a rainbow in your background, or the glorious mix of colors from water falls at night.