Sweets On The Weekend You Love To Eat In Mississauga

If you had a tough week drowned with work and responsibilities, you deserve to have a sweet ending for the week. They say that having dessert when stressed is the ideal way to lower stress levels.

Plus, have you noticed that when you spell the word ‘stressed’ in reverse, its spells ‘dessert?’ See, even the English language couldn’t separate these two from each other. Haha!

So, if you are finding some good places in Mississauga to enjoy sweets, here are the top 3 places for Pakistani and Indian sweets for you to check out.

Bismillah Sweets Mississauga

If you’re missing the authentic desi sweets in Mississauga, you must come to Bismillah Sweets Mississauga. They have desi sweets like jalebi, and Gulab Jamun and savoury treats like samosa.

The bismillah sweets are made in fresh batches every 15 minutes, as they are sold out very easily.

Premium Sweets

Indian sweets in Mississauga are difficult to find. Of course, you can see many Pakistani sweets in Mississauga but premium sweets are the best place to have Indian sweets. They have soft cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup which are rasgullahs. You sure don’t want to miss out on these.

New India Sweets

New India Sweets is a hidden treasure when it comes to Asian sweets. You can find some amazing Gulab Jamun and warm carrot puddings, which is a traditional sweets that you need to try.