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Imagine, having the waiter bringing in a sizzling hot platter of your food. The meat looks tempting and full of flavor. But as you slice into it and take the first bite, the meat is bland. The meat is completely flavorless and it feels like you’re having paper flavor-wise.

Now you experienced this not because the chef doesn’t know how to cook correctly, but because the meat wasn’t seasoned properly.

You see, meat is very simple to cook. But the trick to cooking meat, whether chicken, beef, seafood, or any meat, perfectly is the seasoning. You need to add a generous amount of salt and pepper. Maybe be a little light-handed with salt for seafood but adding lemon can enhance the flavors.

If you’re planning to make kabobs and are searching for kabob Pickering, kabob Mississauga, kabob Brampton, or want to make Philly cheese steak Mississauga, just remember to add enough salt and pepper before putting them in the pan.

Also, if you are preparing biryani and grill, you need to keep the above-mentioned rule in mind.