famous tea party items samosa patties pakoras spring rolls

People not only in Pakistan but as well as in India love having something with tea in evening, whether they are at work or home. Moreover, those appetizers are also famous for tea-parties and are also served as Hi-Tea items at five-star restaurants. Let’s see what those famous tea-party items are.


Filled with spiced potatoes and crisp patties stuffed inside them, these Aaloo Samosas are considered one of the essential items to be served with tea in supper. Meet samosa is another type of samosas that comprise of minced meat with minced spice and onion, and is normally shorter in size than Aaloo samosa.


Stuffed with garnished chicken, patties are baked appetizers that are loved by people especially due to their softness and puffiness. There are variety of other patties are common some of them are filled with spicy potatoes and vegetable, some with beef, and some with mutton.


Fried chicken minced with shallots, ginger/garlic and Silverspoon spices, Pakoras are very famous in Indo-Pak sub-continent where they are often associated with rain as people love to eat them in a nice weather. Despite their deliciousness, people do not crave them often but instead consider them as a MUST-have while going to some kind of picnics, beach parties, or hanging out in rain.

Spring Rolls

Filled with mashed chicken and vegetable stuff, the deep-fried spring rolls simply savor the taste-buds with their crisp curvature and mouth-watering taste. Silver Spoon is proud to offer all these items in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, and Milton where they are not only served as starters but as must-have items in supper as well.